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As a biomedical researcher for more than 30 years, I have been witnessing the exponential growth of the biotechnology information highway.  We at Cluster Solutions are developing practical applications that may be integrated into improving food and beverage function leading to more optimum use of nutrients and fluids.

I am of the opinion that the company has secured a position in contributing to the forthcoming biomedical information breakthroughs of the 21st Century.  It is my belief and understanding that  company's technology represents a useful tool in helping the function of biological water whose levels are critical in restoring and maintaining the optimal homeostasis of a living organism.  The solutions we have tested in clinical and animal trials appear to have the capability to support improved function in cell systems, and help serve as a potential delivery mechanism for biomedical materials in numerous herbal extract tests we have performed.  It is with great conviction and enthusiasm that I plan to embark on the creative and exciting journey of research and discovery with our wonderful  supporters for the benefit of human health.


Bernard Deberry M.D., FACS

Director of Research

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