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 Medical Community Support

The Institute for Progressive Medicine has been using Vivo for more than 6 years.  We have distributed thousands of bottles of this water to our patients.  Many patients have felt better after using it, with more energy, better sense of well being, improved hydration, and accordingly many people continue to use it.


Allan E. Sosin, M.D.

Medical Director
Irvine, CA

Significant improvements have been noted in my patients. I feel that Vivo Solutions pose a novel approach to many abnormal physiological conditions when used with other effective generally accepted forms of therapy.
Bruce Odell, M.D.
Phoenix, AZ

I recommend Vivo solutions to all my patients!

Howard Wolin, M.D.
Chicago, IL.

The energy inducing characteristics of Vivo Water structures clearly belongs to the philosophy of inducing order into biostructures with therapeutic aims, one of the leading ideas of my book: Biostructures and Radiation Order Disorder.
Prof. Franco Bistolfi
Galleria Hospitial
Genova, Italy

My own experience with the solutions has been extremely positive. Although the modes of action of tested solutions is not easy to understand, the patient response has been undeniable. I have observed remarkable improvements in patients suffering from a number of disorders.  Proper hydration is fundamental to cell function.

Francisco Carrillo, M.D.
Spanish Hospital
Mexico City

I sought out CSI after reading the tech information and witnessing the significant improvements in health. I have a great deal of respect for the technology and have enjoyed working with CSI for more than ten years.  I look forward to further research.

Zhi Y. Wang, Ph.D.
Former Associate Professor
Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons

I chose patients who had experienced limited or baseline plateau response to traditional therapeutic regimens for a diverse range of problems. Baseline therapy was unchanged as the use of clustered water was introduced over a 4-week period. Of 22 patients who completed the regimen, 14 have noted significant subjective improvement of symptoms which 1) waned with a distilled water washout and 2) were restored with return to Vivo solutions.
Jeff Baker, M.D.
Springdale, AR