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Olympic Level Results
"Since 1995, I’ve been training Gary Hall and many other Olympic-level athletes in swimming competition prior to the Pan Pacific Championships. After the summer of training in 1995 Gary won 5 Gold Medals at the Pan Pacific Championships.

About one year prior to the 2000 Olympics, Gary found out that he had diabetes. Gary was devastated. Diabetes had limiting factors in normal life let alone as an athlete. I talked to a friend of mine who works with the Cal Swim Team. He had been in contact with nutritional biochemist in reference to a product called VIVO. Right away, I thought this could be the ideal solution . . . the way the VIVO works its way right through the cells . . . and at the same time, carries with it the nutrients and the things that we burn up quickly as athletes. They seemed to hydrate more quickly and to recover faster when they were drinking the water and taking their supplements .

Here’s a quick story: When the guys take their vitamins, they can see whether they’re taking their vitamins by the intense yellow color of the urine. When used with VIVO, the urine color was much lighter indicating better absorption. Seemingly, more vitamins were getting into the system and not going out the urine and the guys noticed that as well. That was another of the signs to me that this was the product that we wanted to add to our regimen. As soon as the athletes got out of the pool, they would again take these supplements with the VIVO. I’ve never trained any athletes like we trained last summer. The first thing I noticed was that they were recovering quickly.

VIVO flushed out the lactic acid and carried the nutrients into the cells that helped the body recover. I think those are the two key parts that VIVO played. That’s what I want people to understand: what a great delivery system this is!

I gave Gary all the premixed VIVO while at the Sydney Olympic games. Once on the blocks history was made. For the first time in the Olympics two men tied for the Gold Medal. That is, Gary Hall and Anthony Irvin tied for the Gold Medal in the 50-meter freestyle. Gary also won a Gold Medal in the Medley Relay, a Silver Medal in the 400 free relay and a Bronze Medal in the 100 free style. "

Coach Mike Bottom
Olympic Sprint Swimming