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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vivo®

1. I think I’ve heard of Vivo® before. How long has this technology been around?
The pioneers of the concept of improving water activity dates back to the early 1980s. The beverages developed by our research group were originally introduced in Japan in 1995, and since that time our research has spawned an entire industry of functional beverage products. Commercial distribution is now underway in the United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and South Africa.

2. How does Vivo® differ from any other fitness-related beverages claiming to to “increase hydration?”
Other waters have begun to emerge claiming the same properties as Vivo®, but there are no other beverages anywhere on earth that can legally claim more effective hydration. CSI received the first patents on the Vivo® Hydration Technology in 1998 and 2000, long before other companies were ever even a thought.
Vivo® was the first on the market in the mid 1990’s, and since then other products claiming similar hydration effects have been introduced. Some companies use oxygen, sound, or ionization. Some have patents, but you will find that our name is usually referenced in their patent.
3. So, how do you make Vivo®?
All of CSI’s beverages are put through rigorous purification and filtration techniques including 0.2-micron filters, plus Ultraviolet and Ozone sterilization to assure you the highest quality and purity possible. Vivo® hydration processing involves changes in magnetic fields, intense light, temperature and pressure with trace minerals.  See our purity processing page for more information.
4. What proof do you have that Vivo® is truly unique?
Independent laboratory analysis by laboratories in France, Japan, Taiwan and China  have used Oxygen-17 NMR, Raman Spectroscopy, and bio-impedance tests to prove that our solutions have unusual characteristics, improve hydration and improve cell function (increased phase angle). Phase angle is the measurement of cellular resistance, reactivity and cell charge - the 3 values together make up the phase angle, which should be around 7 for middle age men and women.  Olympic athletes may have a phase value of 9, while those with illness my be in the 4 range.  Additionally, the Chinese Health Care Society recently performed controlled hospital studies on elderly patients and found significant physiological improvements in patient health, with this study published in Science and Technology Daily in Beijing.

In this study, 336 type 2 diabetics consumed either control water or our product.  After one month the test group showed significant improvement.  Results are also published in the Asia Pacifc Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In a second study with 22 mixed martial arts athletes authored by Bernard Deberry, M.D., , after one month the phase angle (an indicator of intracellular hydration  and cell function) increased 11.1% (p<0.001).
To document improved hydration and absorption, we worked with Prime Minister Dr. Kwassi Klutse of Togo to test a protein/water complex in people with AIDS.  In a 3 month study in 3 different clinics, of 111 individuals tested, 90% had significant improvements in phase angle and gained an average of 7 pounds.
In a study with mouse swimming performance, test animals consumed our solution or placebo for 30 days.  In an endurance test, animals on our solution more than doubled swimming time.  This report is published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

If you would like to learn more, CSI has detailed information regarding these studies available upon request.

5. Will Vivo®ever expire?
Yes! Every product produced by CSI is dated and labeled with the lot number to assure the freshness and quality. Most of our beverages have approximately a fifteen-month shelf life if stored properly. However, it is recommended that Vivo® beverages be stored under 75 degrees Fahrenheit and out of direct sunlight to insure maximum effectiveness.

6. Should Vivo® be taken with food?
It is recommended that Vivo® products be taken on an empty stomach for greatest absorption.

7. Are there any known side effects to drinking Vivo®?
If a person is significantly dehydrated, the rapid rehydration by the solutions can sometimes cause a worsening of some symptoms such as fatigue. This reaction can be avoided by starting slowly with the solutions and building the amount taken each week. For example, rather than 2 eight ounce servings daily, an elderly or ill person might want to start with 3 ounces twice daily and build to 8 ounces twice daily over a period of 3-4 weeks.

8. Can Vivo® be mixed with other drinks?
No. It is recommended that the solutions not be mixed with other liquids; however, it is acceptable to take it with vitamin and mineral supplements in pill or capsule form.

9. Can Vivo® be used topically?
Yes! The water can be sprayed on minor cuts and scrapes, soaked into the pads of bandages, or simply put in a spray bottle for refreshment on hot or dry days.

10. Can I take Vivo®when I am sick?
Absolutely. If there is any time that is beneficial to take Vivo®, it is when our bodies are stressed and need that extra hydration.

11. What if I want to drink more than 16oz a day? Why is 16oz the magic number? Also, how are we suppose to feel? What are we suppose to notice?
We have found that it is easiest for people to stay on a routine of using one bottle (approx. 16 oz) per day. This routine is extremely important to assist with proper hydration. When your body is properly hydrated, it becomes more efficient, and may even not require the same amount of sleep. Therefore, we suggest that if you find that you are not sleeping well, lower your daily consumption.
By stimulating water turnover, you may feel your body respond in a multitude of ways. The most common praise from Vivo® drinkers is that they notice increased energy. 

12. Should children drink Vivo®?
Absolutely! Children under 12 years of age can drink between 2 and 4 ounces daily. Those with health concerns should start with less.

13. What about my pets?
We have had wonderful reports regarding dogs, cats, birds, and horses (and especially older animals). Serve our product in a plastic or ceramic container. Please send us your stories and observations for our files.

14. Will Vivo® interfere with my other supplements and medications?
Vivo® appears to help some nutrients absorb better.  IT SEEMS TO ENHANCE THE UPTAKE OF MANY FACTORS YOU TAKE WITH IT (as shown in nutrient absorption observations in Olympic athletes). To be prudent, we recommend that our products should NOT be taken with any form of medication at the same time. If you take medications, take them at least 30 minutes AFTER drinking Vivo®. On the other hand, Vivo® is the perfect compliment to nutritional supplements. It may help them to be assimilated more quickly and efficiently into the body.

15. Will Vivo® help my medical condition?
Due to US Government regulations, we are not allowed to discuss any of our clinical data. We are only allowed to report data/information pertaining to hydration. Many people in Far East, and North America have used our products since 1992 with no adverse affects. There has never been a report of any medical condition becoming worse when our products have been used.

We have performed clinical and safety testing on our products at universities, medical clinics and hospitals in China, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

16. Some people say the Vivo® is not possible. How do you respond?
We welcome sceptics and understand that this is an advanced concept for people to comprehend. We have double blind independent clinical studies, a database of research accumulated and reports from hospitals, physicians and scientists showing that our solutions are safe, effective and hydrate more quickly. If you still have questions we would be happy to furnish you with more information!

Please read what other renowned scientists have stated:

“Criticisms centered around the vanishingly small number of solute molecules present in a solution after it has been repeatedly diluted are beside the point, since advocates attribute their effects not to molecules present in the water, but to modifications of the water's structure. Simple-minded analysis may suggest that water, being a fluid, cannot have a structure of the kind that such a picture would demand. But cases such as that of liquid crystals, which while flowing like an ordinary fluid can maintain an ordered structure over macroscopic distances, show the limitations of such ways of thinking. There have not, to the best of my knowledge, been any refutations of memory that remain valid after this particular point is taken into account….it attests to the limited vision of the modern scientific community that, far from hastening to test such claims, the only response has been to dismiss them out of hand.”

University of Cambridge
Nobel Laureate, Physics

Dear Lee,

Regarding (critic’s name), I don’t know what area he is expert in, but a closed mind is a closed mind. Today, there is abundant data, both theoretical and experimental on the existence of clusters in water. A recent confirmation of Benveniste’s work, which was criticized in (the journal) Nature, has been presented from high quality people.

William A. Tiller
Professor Emeritus
Stanford University